the black sheep

I won't tell you this in person...

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I go by "Eclair" and yes I know it's a type of donut. Shut up. I attend SDSU but I'm not a party girl there. Heck no. Anyway I frequent many forums, one of them being Cosplay.com and I'm known there as Chibi Plush Toy. That username's gotta go but it never did.

I was supposed to attend FIDM after I graduated SRHS in San Diego. However, since I just told you I currently attend SDSU, I should probably tell you that there's no fashion major there. I'm a biology major, eventually hoping to attend UCSD to major in pharmacy. This is mainly for my family's wishes and sadly, not me chasing after my own dreams. Maybe someday.

I can tell you I made my fair share of friends and enemies (and some friends becoming enemies as well) during high school. Learning to deal with college, one finds that they no longer have time for the things they love. So this is why I'm not active in the cosplay circuit as much as I used to be. Things change, people change...and conventions changed as well. But that's another story. Anyway, I've got no boyfriend and I'm not really looking around for one because I have someone in mind. But first, I'm going to take care of me. So please don't ask, and for the love of God, DON'T hit on me. If you do, I'll break your limbs.

What I can tell you about myself though, is that I'm pretty down-to-earth. I can be loud and shy, am somewhat aspiring to be an actress or performer, something like that. The few friends that I do have are the only people I can trust (well, my mom too). I'm not too keen on my family -- my mom is all I've got and I rarely see my dad. I'm not a size 0-2, whatever. If you're not cool with that, then feel free to leave. Logic is my forte, and so is vocabulary. I'm not much of a writer though...but I try to work out problems.

I like my fair share of things: video games (RPGs and such), musicals, Playboy (mainly the show The Girls Next Door and Playboy merchandise), my favorite animal's a bunny. Favorite color is pink. I've got a ton of stuffed animals. Karaoke is cool. Smoking, drinking, and drugs are NOT COOL. There's a crapload of movies and CDs on my shelves, and I do like Avril Lavigne. Favorite actor is Douglas Sills, actresses I like are too many to list, and I can't single out a favorite movie either. Favorite childhood movie is The Swan Princess because it's sweet and I like the story. I think Swan Lake was actually one of my favorite fairytales. Don't get me wrong, I'm a Disney fan as well!